DreamWeaver MX - Screenshots

Hi all,
I stumbled upon this site when I was scanning my geek sites: xtechnet.net/modules.php?..=0&thold=0 It seems to be screenshots of the upcoming DreamWeaver MX! Looks cool!


Sweet! I love how MM is laying out their interface a la Flash MX style.

Seems like it’s a much easier way to work for me personally. I was never crazy about those floating/draggable windows/panels everywhere when they were introduced; this is much easier.

Any word on release date? And will their be a Fireworks MX out with this as well?

Thanks, k-man!


Hey time2design,
I have no clue as to the release date. I think MM is going to making every one of their product similar with the MX naming series and features and layout, etc.


You think your the bearer of good news with this mx stuff, hunh…I am just getting comfortable with Flash 5 and a splash into Dreamweaver and then I learn that what I know is already outdated. Arggggg! :lol: Just stop it!


I think you need to send a nasty email to MM Phil :slight_smile:

i think they weren’t supposed to put those pics up because now they’re gone. i was too late :frowning:

Another link on that site brought me here: msbetas.net/screenshots/

gone again!