Due to Covid, what are some gadgets you can’t live without?

For me, it is an ergonomic chair.

I used to not care about how or where I sit, but WFH on a computer for really long periods of time day in and day out has highlighted the errors of my old ways.


I slipped a disc in my back 12 years ago that still hurts every single day. The contraptions I have created and /or bought in an attempt at a perfect desk have been both rediculous and only partially helpful.

Do you have a chair you recommend?
I’m currently in need of one badly. I have a “human scale” but it’s kinda beat and just doesn’t cut it anymore.

As far as covid gadgets… Id say none. It’s really the access to basic supplies that I now see as very vulnerable.

This is the one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004P3WFME

I use a bouncy ball as well periodically: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010MVAMH2

I’ve been fortunate to not have had any back-related injuries yet, so what I suggest may not help as much.


Thanks I’ll check out that chair it looks good. I also sit on a bouncy ball periodically and I can say that actually does help too.

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Have you tried standing desks? I have one (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Q3TGL7M/), and that helps break up the routine as well. It gives me a chance to at least feel like I’m stretching :stuck_out_tongue:

I have, and for a while it was great, but eventually I became strained and faded out of its use pretty much all together.

I don’t use the exercise ball much lately either but that was one that took me by surprise, the idea seemed so silly to me but it ended up being a very functional chair.

My chair story… I’ll keep it short :wink: I’m tall and need a drafting style chair/stool. I had a cheap though comfortable enough one for about 8 years then one day the 3/8" steel seat-to-back support just snapped right clean off! A very dangerous event! Then I hunted, searched, read reviews for a perfect replacement. Got it delivered and within 30 minutes of sitting, doing my work… the word PAIN is just too polite a way of saying what I felt! I tied to find a fix, like a lumbar support, though my wife urged me to look for a better one, possibly used, online. Wouldn’t you know it, on kijiji, only listed that morning, was my baby! I got it for a quarter of the price for new, surprisingly the chair I got still had the original tags on it! They said it was barely used because it was too high for most people to use! Perfect for me :grinning: It’s a Herman Miller Aeron Tall Drafting chair. These chairs can be adjusted within mm, and the mesh, everything, is total comfort! I can’t praise this chair enough (it does come in a number of other sizes). I can comfortably sit for hours and hours… probably too long… thankfully I get in a workout most days to compensate :smile:


I’ve probably said this joke here before, but I’ve tried so many back supports, pillows, bumps and balls.

Whenever I have a new weird lumbar item jammed in to my seat by choice, I can’t help but picture this


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Mobile & PS4

Due to Covid the continuous gadget I used to live with is my mobile phone and lappy.

surface pro 6 and apple watch

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Inspired by this thread, I finally got off my butt (literally and figuratively) and ended up buying this new chair. I’m pretty happy with it so far! Seems to offer some low back relief somehow. And as a bonus, is seems to be named after that thing Ken and Ryu throw


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Nice! Looks space-agey! :grinning:

A humidifier for those cold winter months.

Totally! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine ended up triggering the fire alarm one morning, so I stopped using mine. As the weather gets drier, I will have to reconsider.

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During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we all want our homes to be clean and hygienic enough. In this context, I can’t even think to live without my vacuum cleaner which helped me a lot throughout the whole pandemic.

I honestly believe kettlebells are the most all round efficient strength/ endurance/ fitness device for compact spaces. Not for travel though, a 24 or 32kg kb is another bag on a flight. TRX suspension straps are good but annoying to set up and sometimes you cant get a good anchor point…

There was a huge shortage of exercise weights for the longest time. I ended up watching some YouTube videos and making my own :weight_lifting_man:

The gym is something that I can’t wait to get back into!

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How did you make your own weights?


I think this rustic technique is perfect for you. :canada: :wink: