What are you all doing because of the covid-19 precautions?

Both my wife and I are working from home for what seems like until the end of April. Our daughter (now almost 2 years old) is also at home with us, so we stagger our meetings to ensure one of us is watching our daughter while the other one goes off to a meeting.

I do miss going into the office and the routine I have there. I’m pretty sure cabin fever will set in real soon, and I’ll be writing stuff like this in a few weeks:


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I’ve made no changes whatsoever and suddenly I’m living life on the edge.


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Same here. Nothing has changed. This is my life.

Brady Sluder (is that you?)

I thoroughly wiped and sanitized a gas pump handle today, thats definitely a new one for me. Realized I’ve been wasting my talents

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I am working from home and to pass time i am watching one piece from https://www1.gogo-anime.ac/gogo-anime/One-Piece/ and my time is passing good…

Seems like @krilnon has been missing in action lately

:wave: I’m still around; I did move across the country again so that’s taken up a fair amount of my free time over the past 5-6 months.

I’m doing the same WFH thing as most other folks in this thread. Now that it’s getting warm again, I’m missing out a bit on exploring the new surroundings.


Right now, it’s gardening, cleaning the house from top to bottom, a little cooking and then I take care of my daughter who is 8 years old, and it’s not easy! It’s been a long time since I’ve spent so much time at home and it’s not over yet.

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@Manny22 - if it is gardening, you should share here: Anyone have a growing, farming, or garden hobby? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure that same post had seo spam earlier today. If they truly tricked you it definitely deserves a plaque in the new hall of fame

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Serious question, how are your areas doing with toiletpaper, is the hoarding shortage just a US thing? I though for sure that tp “trend” would be gone in a week but here we are, my general area is still empty at all stores. Yet i can buy any other food or general supplies i need. So strange

No TP here. Starting to see other paper products return (tissue, paper towels), but still no TP. (East coast U.S.)

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