Dumb banter from the cities thread

[QUOTE=nobody;2583530]Portland, United States of America


  • Gastronomical wonderland.
  • Beer. So much beer.
  • Bicycles
  • Public transportation
  • Urban growth boundary (Portland has a dense urban core and sprawl is somewhat mitigated)
  • Extremely socially progressive (for the states)
  • Huge software / web development scene
  • Rain
  • Craft / bespoke culture
  • Outdoors stuff super close
  • Great music scene


  • Sort of small
  • Trains stop around midnight
  • Not dealing particularly well with our large homeless population
  • Flipside of craft culture is that we don’t have many large corporations to supply jobs
  • It’s America so we still rely too much on cars and highways
  • Too many parking lots in the city core (though this is quickily changing)
  • Super super super white, not a racist town by any means, but definitely a homogenous one

Other stuff!![/QUOTE]

I could go on for days about the pros and cons of portland. Mostly cons though. xD.

I totally made this thread just to hate on portland.