Best/Worst Commute...Is your city on here?

Boston is the 5 worst drivable city…sucks for alex, fester, red, and more hehehe.

hahahaha the city I live in and work in are there. Oakland california and San Francisco

lol, yeah sanfran is like number two. i was surprised that NYC was #8

I have a decent commute. Its not too bad depending on the time I leave. Im not too far from DC though (#10 in worst) - luckily not close enough to worry about it affecting me… though the exit I get off of for work is like 1 or 2 before 95 which can be backed up to where I need to get off which can be a pain sometimes :wink:

#1 Los Angeles-Long Beach, California!!

Yay, I get to sit in traffic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent, Birmingham is number 7 on drivability - and I tend to agree that it is among the better cities to drive in. Alas, I’ll be joining all the northeasterners and their horrible traffic and wonderful warm weather in a few months =)

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**#1 Los Angeles-Long Beach, California!!

Yay, I get to sit in traffic! :stuck_out_tongue: **

your not susposed to ride your bike in traffic…


i really dont have to much of a drive to school or work. 10 min to get to school, and 20 min to work. :thumb:

Alex, I’m sorry, we’re you trying to be funny because I forgot to laugh…:sleep:

that is why I gave away 2 cars…

I even gave one of them away three times… it kept coming back…

finally, I drove it into a used lot on Mission st…


LOL, how did it come back to you Rev? :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave it away, then the person gave it back, saying it was too much of a pain to own a car in SF…

So I gave it to another friend, and he gave it back too.

I even gave away my last car twice… they keep coming back!

and these cars are in great shape. 70k miles, good tires, no dents… nice stereos included…

so I sell them to lots… then I know they won’t come back…



Well my city isn’t in there, but my city holds 2 of the top 5 most accident prone interesections of this entire country. I know where both are, they aren’t too far from me :stuck_out_tongue:

No lie… it was a news special here before… hehe.

If you ever give me a cheesecake, I promise you that it won’t come back. :stuck_out_tongue:

you make a trip to SF, and I will make you a Pina Colada Cheesecake… all 16 slices will be yours for the taking…



Does a burn out in the drive way Driving up there now. :stuck_out_tongue:

make it Monday…

I’m going camping up North this weekend…

big trees, no strange people, on the beach…



i will race you EG!:bad:

althought boston does have bad traffic, i dont go there to often, and when i do, i use the “zippy lane” it gets me where i want to go fast:)

I’ll make sure I save the pineapple leaves for you Alex!


I’ve lived/drove both of the top ‘worst’ cities … never more I hope. :!:

uh, rev … muni/Bart doesn’t go to Humbolt … =)



we rent a car to go out of town…