DVD - Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

(Just ebfore I start I’m reviewing this DVD to show that you dont have to review all the latest films and games out, as logn as they’re not really old)

DVD Name :: Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

[CENTER]One Line Review: If you enjoyed Spinal Tap or any of the Bill and Ted films, your going to adore this[/CENTER]

Review ::
After having an on-and-off liking to the “D” I was abit unsure about this film, but let me tell you right off the bat, its a brilliant film, definately a film you should see before you become old and boring. Its obvious that older peopl (40+) may not enjoy the film as much as teenagers would but that doesn’t stop the laughter. There is quite a bit of jokes for fans of the Tenacious D HBO TV show but lots of jokes for people who havent heard of Tenacious D. And the amount of cameos from people like Ben Stiller & Meatloaf .The DVD extras are great, too. The DVD includes:
[]Deleted/Extended Scenes (Theres even a whole that was cut!)
]Commentries (Possibly the only commentries I’ve enjoyed listening to)
[]The Making of the Film
]Making the P.O.D Music video
[]P.O.D Music Video
]In the Studio (A few songs being recorded and possibly evidence of the eral devil…)
[]Jump to a Song (Any from the Film)
]Trailers of the Film[/LIST]To me, that quite a lot but for some hardcore fans of DVD extras/ Tenacious D may feel a little dissapointed as you could tell that they won’t be satifised.
Film: 9/10 Dvd Extras: 3/5