Req:tutorial/example dynamic JPG Loading using ASP(SQL)

If anyone please could help me with this I’d really apreciate it.\r\r\rThanks a lot in advance

there is a tutorial here about loading images, but its not using ASP…check that out…go to the home page and scroll down to the new tutorials…its the loading tutorial…

Yeah I saw that tutorial, but im looking one with the integration of a database which is what I need for a program that I need to do. For the database im using SQL Server.\r\rSo if anyone can help me with this please I really apreciate it.

What exactly do you need ? I know PHP, there shouldn’t be too many differences. I hope.\r\rpom 0]

A table database has the links where the images are located on the Hard Disk. Since I will be constantly adding new images or changing them that is why im using a database. I wanna be able to read the address where this images are located with flash and load dynamically this images.\r\r\rThanks