Dynamic mp3 streaming

how do i create a mp3 player which streams external mp3s and loads all the tracks from an external file like asp etc?? I’m a newbie so examples would be neat:thumb:

With a little help from senocular, I have successfully completed a mp3 player with exactly what you want. It loads the tracks from a XML file, and will stream the mp3’s. To see a preview, www.evilattitude.com/vexed

I have attached a zip with a test fla, and the example of the xml file. Remember the XML text will not parse until it is uploaded onto your webserver. The audio file will load. Don’t forget to set the stream settings b4 you publish.


Nice player but it’s not dynamic…I mean, you have to add butttons in flash…I know nothing about ActionScript so if someone could help me modifying the script so i worked like a normal player with Previous track and Next track instead of 1.2.3 etc and a nice “Stop” and “play” button

There is a stop button :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway I will mess with the code later today, or maybe some1 else can beat me too it.

i will upload this one more time:

my amp, totally dynamic, requires no altering of the flash file to add tracks, only altering of the xml file :slight_smile:

it’s exactly what you want, has all the control features, plus the volume slider doubles as a dynamic preloader bar for each song :slight_smile:

alter it as you wish. :slight_smile:

thanks! just the player i needed…in the words of Tony the Tiger: Grrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!=)

well :p, mines the same, totally dynamic…alter xml and upload the mp3. I found it useless to have a volume control and a stop button, so I never added a volume control.

glad you like! :slight_smile:

useless to have a stop button? so no one can turn off the music? that’s bad usability my friend… :wink:

and uh, no, yours isn’t totally dynamic… if you want to add more than three mp3s you have to go in and add extra buttons to the .fla file.

“I found it useless to have a volume control and a stop button”

Y control the volume, when in mine u can just stop it :wink:

why does your cd player have a volume control then?

…not everyone likes to listen to music full blast. i know they can just turn down their speakers, but the loader bar was already there so why not make it useful?

i don’t appreciate my things being called useless either, thanks.

end of rant