Dynamic text fading in? Is it possible?

I have text loaded from a data file and displayed in dynamic text boxes. These boxes fade in fine.

But the dynamic text just pops on and off at beginning of tween. It just ignores all values of opacity, and starts at 100.

Is there a way to fade the text in also?


Im no expert, but I would try this (dunno if it’ll work though):
have the text fields in a seperate MC that loads the text file there… then have the entire MC fade in with the text already loaded. Hope that is clear… let me know if it works!


Sorry, I do have 3 dynamic textfields within an MC.

I then try to fade the MC in. All I get is the dynamic text ignoring any value of opacity other than 0 or 100.

Well it may not be possible - one thing you could try is to make a MC that is a block the same color as the background and the same size of your text field. Place it over the text and have it fade from 100% alpha to 0% - kind of crude, but you could give it a whirl.

as Ryall said, that’s the only way that i’ve come across that works. i’m glad i’m not the only one that uses this ‘crude’ method : )

my counter on my website is faded in like that … hehe

In addition, if you want to fade dynamic text, it must be embedded - you know - in the properties box under Character, Embed all Characters.

Actually, Kennyb is on the money. Embedded text will fade along with the _alpha of any movie clip.

good to know… I’ve never even tried that.