My Dynamic text does not fade out

Hey guys,
my dynamic text does not fade out, although, on my time line, if i play it, it fades in and out…but when i test my movie, it does not fade in nor out

any sugggestions?


In the words of Kirupa

The answer is, unlike movie clip objects, text field objects contain system generated data such as text. Text that is static can be modified by the user or Flash into any numerous forms including being made transparent. Because we are using Dynamic Text, Flash will not transparent the text in the text field. You may see the background become transparent and disappear, but the text will be bold and bright as ever.

Quote taken from: in the ask Kirupa section towards the bottom.

Not to refute the great Kirupa…

to make Dynamic text fade, it must be part on an mc and you MUST embed the font outlines. then, it will work all day, and twice on Sunday.

Ah, makes perfect sense :slight_smile:

hhhmmm very nice, but how do i embed the font outline?

Open the properties panel for the text box, click on the button that says Character… This will bring up the Character Options window with the option for Embed Character Outlines for: Then you select an option.

Montoya: You weren’t refuting Kirupa, he is right too, you were just stating a workaround to a common problem. So if you want to go technically, he is right, you can’t fade dynamic text itself, but you are right in saying you can fade the movie, and if the dynamic text is in there, that will fade out too.

So you really weren’t proving him wrong, just stating a way around the fading of dynamic text.

holy crap u guys kick but thanx it worked

Hey all,
Thanks for that tidbit of information. I’ve updated that quote on the tutorial to reflect that change =)

Kirupa :asian:

well… ya… I’m sure Kirupa knows we’re all here to help. A million ways to do this stuff… you know how it is…


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the last statement had more truth than most of the message boad combined.