Dynamic text, Not Embeded, What if User dosn't have same font?

I know it is recomended to use Dynamic text non-embeded but this is causing a lot of trouble. I used a fixed size bitmap font that very few people will have in a dynamic text box with no embeding. So now when they view my site the font goes to there PC’s default. I have seen other sites with Dynamic text use a font I know I don’t have and they came through all right. How can I resolve this problem?

as far as I know you have to embed it if you want it to show up. Are you sure those sites are not embeding the font?

They have the same clean sharp edge look that Non embeded text has. If I embed it won’t it cause some lag or does it just increase file size?

I usually use Verdana, in a dynamic text field set at about font size 9 or 10.

I have a lot of trouble with some bitmap fonts in Flash. Somtimes if you use device font when publishing, or embed the font outlines it works, but sometimes it doesn’t.

If you would really like to try to get the font to work, I suggest doing either or (or both) of the previously suggested methods. And if worse comes to worse, Verdana is probably your best choice.

Ok because almost everybody has veranda on there computer you never worry. Thanks I’ll try that out.:slight_smile: =) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, Verdana comes defaultly installed in both Windows and Mac machines. Since that is a majority of web viewers, it is your best choice of a font that can get that small. That is…if all else fails.

I use Arial fonts and never seem to have a problem. I’m not sure if they come on everything, but I’ve never seen a comp that doesn’t use em. I may have to switch over to Verdana though.

Yes, Arial is another one of those fonts that are installed as defaults on both Mac OS and Windows.

I still think Verdana looks better though:P

I switched the text to 12 veranda and it looks great and displays perfectly. Thanks :slight_smile:

WOW my 100th post :slight_smile: =) :stuck_out_tongue: :o \ :pirate: :ninja: :cyclops: :elderly :cool: :beard: :hat

Glad you got it work - in answer to your earlier question what if it’s not installed …

Flash behaves like IE and NS browsers. If you’re using a sans-serif font it will render it with Arial or Helvetica or the default sans-serif font installed (in that order). If you’re using a serif (i.e. with the pointy bits at the tips) font, it will render it in Times New Roman or the default serif font installed (again in that order).

Do you know if there is any way to specify or create your own font family set up or are those your only options?

In IE you can go to Tool/Internet Options/ then click on the Fonts… button at the bottom of that window

Sorry I ment thorugh flash like how you can change the font families through a CSS in HTML.

you can specify preferred fonts as attributes of the font tag e.g.

< font face=“Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” > < /font >

(I had to put the spaces in so it would appear in the post)

however this is still a wish list - “Please use Arial, if you don’t have that try Helvetica and failing that any sans-serif font you happen to have handy.”

Most of my work involves custom fonts and I’ve never had any problem displaying them - they always come out crisp and embedding a font usually only increases a swf by about 20 or 30 kb.

The only reasons that I can think of for ragged embedded fonts are that the quality setting is toggled to low or that you’ve stretched the text box (by popping it in a MC and scaling it, for example).

As an aside, if you’re using html tags for bold, italic and/or bold italic then you need to embed these font outlines as well or they won’t show up.

If you go to my site you will see the size of the file isn’t the problem (swf 142kb). It is the fact that the embeded font causes lag when I move the windows around. A dynamic text box with non embeded font causes less lag.

I see what you mean about the lag? I’m not sure what’s causing it. As an example, I made a game a while back where players shot bullets (in the form of letters) at words - to blow up a word, you had to fire the letter that began the word. There were lots of dynamic text fields - words and letters bouncing around the screen and they all functioned smoothly without sluggishness.

What AS are you using to move the window? If you’re using onClipEvent (enterFrame) have you also included updateAfterEvent(mouseMove) - I often find that custom cursors are very sluggish without it. Also dragging dynamic text inside a mask can also be slow.

I just extreamly modified kirupas swap depth tutorial. The drag action script is still the same as in that tutorial. I’m interested in the updateAfterEvent(mouseMove) command how does this work and what does it do?

updateAfterEvent() is a very handy event handler that will instantaneously update the display independent of the fps setting. Thus even with a bog-standard 12 fps which would give a very flickering transition on motion scripted using onClipEvent(enterFrame) you can get a nice smooth transition to see the difference draw a MC on the main stage and add this code:

onClipEvent (mouseMove) {

pretty jumpy, eh?

now try the same MC with this code

onClipEvent (mouseMove) {