Dynamic Text with scrollbar problem

been using the following to pull data from an asp page. The asp just pulls some text from a database.
loadVariablesNum(“http://localhost/snews.asp”, 0)
The data sent is of the format: “NewsText=Some text”

The text box in my .fla is set to dynamic and i’ve put values in for both the instance name and the Var name in the properties fields.
Instance = dtext
Var = NewsText

For some reason, the dynamic text would only show when I put in the value for Var.

Now that I have the text loading into the text box fine, the scrollbar is not working.
The _targetInstanceName is set to “dtext” and I’m going nuts here wondering why it wont scroll. Any ideas/suggestions?

I did read on Macromedia.com that you’re not supposed to put values in both the instance name and the var name, but the only way i’ve been able to see the data is by putting a value in the Var field. Aaaggh!