Dynamic text works on top level, but not on 'var' buried inside sub movie timelines

This sample shows a file named data.txt being loaded and one of the variables properly displayed in a top level dyanamic text box.

But the corresponding sub dynamic text boes don’t have their variables show up.

What am I doing wrong? I am using loadVariables and lVNum to both a level and a target. Neither is working.

I know I am missing something simple, please help.


a little confusing, my brotha… but here’s what happened.

you code says…

loadVariables(“data.txt”, “_level0.News.Text.Info”);

when, in fact, you dont have a mc called info

do this instead:

loadVariables(“data.txt”, “_level0.News.Text”);

there ya go!

I see I had a slight path error

loadVariables(“data.txt”, “_level0.News.Text.Info”);

should have been

loadVariables(“data.txt”, “_level0.News.Text”);

But I actually cut this sample out of my larger prolematic swf.

And even after looking the original over again, I do have the right path. But it still does not work on my larger file.

The movie does load another movie. Does the path become _host or something else weird?

Is there anything else I should be looking out for?