Dynamic text

hey peeps :),

ok ready…:smirk:

i have an external .txt file which contains the content for my dynamic text box in my flash movie, works like a dream :P. How do i go about making, say the title, a separate colour to the rest of the text :*(…
hope you can help :slight_smile: thanks…


I would use HTML tags and make the text field HTML aware.
(beware it only accepts html1, but well it’s better than nothing)


Yep. All depends on your source file. Do you have html tags on your source? Can you? If so, you could just put everything there. If the file is coming from somewhere else, and does not have html tags, there is other stuff we can do. Btw, the only html tags supported in mx are

<A> <B> <FONT COLOR> <FONT FACE> <I> <P> <U>

(Im pretty sure that is right)