E-mail server setup

Hello, I’m trying to settup James on my server and seem to be having some troubles.

  1. To create users, it says I have to telnet the host and port. How do I ‘telnet’ something?

  2. How do I know when it’s running, unlike Apache it closes without waiting for you to read everything it did. It scrolled through tons of stuff and closed real fast, is that god?

  3. Can somebody explain to me a, and mx records. My domain register let’s me fill these in, but I have no idea what to put there, should I put my ip address?

  4. Since I don’t have a static-ip, I use no-ip.com. Can I just replace my ip address with my account there which seems to act the same way?

Thank you so much, if you can answer any, or all, or these questions I’ll be very grateful.