Eagle cam


This is pretty cool - it is live feed of a camera on a nesting pair of eagles in British Columbia. It is not a static image that is refreshed every 30 seconds but streaming footage! If you have sound you can sometimes hear the eagle call out and you can also hear ambient sounds around it - water somewhere nearby, wind, vegetation rustling etc.

Every 20 minutes or so the bird gets up, rotates, tucks the eggs back in (there are two), roll around on them to settle them (?) then tuck some nesting material around itself (I can’t tell which parent is which!).

This will be awesome when the babies hatch! :love:

Takes forever to load, however amazing! Sounds like a storms brewing up.

teh awsomeness
and, not trying to hijack or anything, but on this subject:
[URL=“http://www.hencam.co.uk/?hencam”]Chicken Cam!

Is without a doubt the best link I have ever been given :kommie:

if you only knew my obsession with eagles :love:

^finally, fester’s good side!:slight_smile:
great link btw lunatic:) if only i had a faster connection:( f-ing dialup
i had to borrow my cousin’s connection

oh man that is awesome!!

booo it sorta stopped on me, and then when i got it back up, the eagle was in a diff position :frowning:

Wow this is amazing. I cant stop watching this.


Of all the people I did NOT expect to post in this thread . . .

:look: You aren’t planning on eating it are you fester?


:lol: I’ve got a serious case of the ghey when it comes to birds. Especially bald eagles. :lol:

I talk to my bird in baby talk and everything. Its always quite embarassing when my buddies catch me :lol:

Update: my coworker said she noticed at least one of the eggs has a crack! So they are very close to hatching. :pleased:

fester mentioned to me in another thread that he saw the male bring the female a fish the other day and watched them eat it together. Now if that ain’t good eagle lovin’ I don’t know what is. :love:

The image seems to be a bit more sticky recently and sometimes gets dropped. I wonder if a lot of people are hitting the site?