Early Work In Progress - FeswickProductions

Early Work In Progress - FeswickProductions

Hi there! This is a work in progress in its early stages, so all that works is the front page, which is reloaded by clicking the logo. This is also my first flash site ever. I just wanted to get some comments and suggestions. Right now i’m planning on having a different background picture for each section. Anyways, any help is appreciated.

It looks very nice, especially for a first flash site. Compared to my first flash site, it looks even better :ne:

Nice clean logo, simple buttons and clean frames. I think you’re off to a good start :thumb:

indeed, for a first site this is pretty dang good. only design suggestion I have is that you may want to move the FeswickProductions logo to the left instead of centered, it might help balance the page more. Otherwise, I’m really impressed.

Great start. My first site is terrible compared to this.

Very nice. For your first, or 15th, this is a well done site. My only suggestions, tone down the button sound, it’s not bad, but it seems a little… And, change the background color of the HTML page to match the background of the Flash movie. Otherwise, I think it’s well done.

i think this is amazing for a first site, i think to logo is fine where it is ( no offence tim)
great job mate

yeah tone down those sounds. here is a tip for ya: sounds can ruin a website, people get annoyed easily by audio and have a tendency to close sites that bother them.

i would try to make to movie flow into the html a little better though too, maybe center the movie and give the page a background color

other than that it looks great!

thanks for all the comments everyone! Yeah, i’ll tryout some different rollover sounds. And when its done I plan to make the html fit it. I’ll post when I have made more progress.