Easy help

Hey, I know this is a tutorial on this site but I’m having trouble finding it, and its been a while so I can’t remember exactly how to do it. I just need to make a dynamic text field that you can edit via text file. Could anyone point me to that tutorial?

text loading


ok, and also how do I turn my .txt file so flash interprets it as an HTML file?

in the text box properties turn “render as html on.” but this has very limited functionality, don’t try to put iframes in there and such :D.

no, i was just going to put in some bold tags, and small headings and such as that.

oh and I should have some of it up tonight, but nothing much, if not ill wait till tomorrow.

then what I said should work fine. There is also CSS functionality with MX 2004, but I have not had any experience with it.

hmm… didn’t want to seem to work,
I have
name= news

and it actually displays the tags.

well, if you are loading the text file correctly everything should work out fine. Check out this file, make sure you have the dynamic text field set up the same way I do.

i do i just have an instance name instead of a Variable, does that make a difference?

what is the instance in referance to? I think it should probably be a variable. (post your .fla?)

you accidently posted to a new topic, heres a link incase you didn’t realize it.