Easy Loaded and SWF+MC Q

I have an Swf loaded into a movie clip, it is called screen.

Inside of Screen.swf, there is a movie clip which has buttons and text in it :slight_smile:

The desired effect is for the SWF to load into the movie clip (complete), for the user to be able to click on the buttons that are inside the movie clip and it tells itself to gotoAndPlay(6) :slight_smile:

This is what happens to me right now, i load Screen.swf successfully into my movie clip, and when i click on my buttons, they don’t work, i have…

on (release) {

CareerN is the movie clips name that is inside of Screen.swf

Here is the script i have for the other button (and it works (-: )…

on (release) {
on (release) {

I guess it does not work on the first one because i am trying to instruct a movie clip which is inside an swf, which has been loaded externally :smirk: , does anyone know how I can fix this? Deadline is in an hour or so, thanks for all of your help :bounce:

Let me put up an example of what i mean! :beam:


Trying to attach for second time

This is not working :frowning:

I am sorry, freewebs can’t support my file size, but here is the website, if you have a ripper that you use for your own files for backup purposes incase you lose an fla, please, you have my full permission to ‘rightfully’ rip it to help me out, thanks :thumb: PS I only support ripping for your own files!! :sure: (but in this case, i really need help, Thanks)


Try to give the mc an instance name and use the code to call on that instance name instead of the mc.

The instance name is also called careerN

30 mins left :sleep:

you’re not s’posed to use “report” just to get help…!
you can’t use 2 on release for the same button

Report:q: I fixed the button and all is well, you might want to read that report i sent Eyezberg, and the reason i sent it. C:-)