EAsy way to make horizontal text fade

don’t know if this topic’s been discussed
but I was wondering if there’s an easy way to do
a horizontal text fade without doing it letter by letter
maybe with some sort of action script?

what I meant by an horz. text fade is when each
char appears right after one another


easiest way i can think of (although this may not be quite what you want) is to make a movie of a bar that fades from solid to transparent, make it a MC, and then tween it from covering the text to not * c*overing the text.

good luck!

Or… if you simply want the letters to apear, and you don’t care if they “fade” in or out… you can use a mask layer to uncover them.

DO it the way i did, letter by letter! Upuat saw the screen shot. i did one for AYUMI HAMASAKI tons of letters took freaking for ever but the expirence gained from it was good.