Make Your Text Fade

How do you make your text fade into another letter?

Can someone please help me out!!


In the best of Kirupa forum you can find several techniques to fade with Actionscript.
Other than that, this little tutorial should show you the basis :

pom 0]

To make an “A” turn into or shape into an “E” is called morphing. To do this you do not turn these into graphics.

frame 1:
create the A and break it apart…"modify>break apart

frame 5: (on same layer)
insert a keyframe and type “E” next to the “A”… So on frame 5 you should have A and E but on frame 1 you should only have A…

On frame 5:
delete the A so now there’s only the E, break the E apart…

So now it should be,
frame1=A and frame5=E

Double click on the layer between these 2 frames and a dialogue should pop up. Go to “shape” and that should do the trick…

Does tha answer your question?

Well, if you want it to ** fade**, you’ll have to use motion tweens at some point, Jak. I would tween the A out in one layer, and tween the E in in another layer.

pom 0]

oh yes your right…
just thought when he said “fading a text into another text” i thought he meant morphing… lol