Edit Center - Where in Flash MX?

Hi all,\rI have an annoying problem that I can’t seem to find a solution to. I’m trying to edit the center of a movie clip (the crosshair), and I can’t figure out a way to do it in Flash MX. In Flash 5, you go to Edit | Transform | Edit Center to modify the center point. Yet, Flash MX seems to have that command hidden from my view :frowning: \r\rThanks,\rKirupa

i just edit the movieclip and use the align tool. I haven’t ever used edit center, it never worked for me. Good luck Kirupa. I’m off to bed, hopefully I won’t get too sick…:frowning:

do you mean, the registration point? I found that kind of puzzling myself. It is originally in the dialog for convert to symbol. Once you convert, though, I haven’t found it. I’ve had to reconvert in order to change it. Im sure Im missing something too…\r

thanks for the inputs! I never even thought about your method jubba! Yes, Iammontoya, I am referring to the registration point - after creating the symbol and clicking one of the 9 small squares, I couldn’t figure out a method to change the registration point to another point.\r\rCheers!\rKirupa

you can’t, just move the content so it’s at (0,0) when the top left square is selected.

Click on the scale tool in the toolbar. With it selected, you can simply move the center point where ever you like. Makes it a lot easier than the Flash 5.0 method