Elyptic web

I just found this site off of another message board (http://www.elypticweb.com).

It’s pretty cool - i especially like the music!

It kinda looks a lot like the last version of 2Advanced to me.

Agree! The style of transaction is kinda old too.

It is the old version of 2Advanced. Check the font in eclypticweb’s nav.

I like the effects but where the heck are the pictures?

Throw me a bone.

I don’t think that site is anything special at all. Kudos to the person that took the time to make it but they lack creativity and also skill if they’re trying to copy 2a

ffs, if your gonna rip, do it all the way, no point in using elements and changing them a little cause you wont fool anyone, especially yourself.

Im tired of rippers, they are so annoying, so i declare that i shall make a rip of 2Av3, ill make it without using swf extrators, all from scratch…the king of all rips. Lord of the Rips.

The site didnt really have any spark. Its just gradients for the interface and a dark blue bg which is what 2advanced’s version 3 website looked liked but had more style and covered the colors better.