Site rip :(

Not sure if this is the right part of the forum for this, but

Sadly when I was surfing another site, I found this site

If anyone is familiar with their sites are almost identical. Looks like undream copied probe3’s ideas. If your going to get inspiration from a site dont be stupid to copy it exactly. People have no ideas for themselves these days…

Yep I agree.

But it’s one of 2advanceds guy he’s copied :P. Nothing new to them.

Its not a perfecly ript, they just used the lines, and a bit from the style. Its not very bigg ! :whistle:

similar…but not as good…:sigh:







i like them both, lol there is no rip


Not much of a rip, but I do see how the layout resembles along with the 2 dots that line down continously.

Idoik what happened to your cool footer? With Idoik in the cool font.

well flash gordon be happy i set up a sig changer:) pm me if ya want a copy!

If you call that a rip,
then you can call almost any site out on the net a rip.

Yeah its a rip for sure. He just changed the colours.

When the mod speaks, he speaks. It is a rip then :).

Lol :P.


[edit] oh crap, we’re done with the sound effects thing [/edit]

i would call it more of an “inspiration” than a rip.


the only similarity is the navigation at the top and the lines i think. anyway, probe3 is so much better to navigate and look at, in my opinion