Embed Fonts in Flash8 + multilanguage

Hello I have a very strange and urgent problem.
I have plenty of dynamic textfields that I aim to feed with multilingiual (english and greek) text based on some flag. I use one font that I have placed in Windows/Fonts folder. I didn’t embed in the library the whole font (I didn’t how, in the beginning) but in every textfield in the embed property i put the lowercase, uppercase, greek, numerals and punctuation if it’s neede, of my device font (i said i put in fonts folder). So far so good. The fonts were showing great, and they were really embeded.

And one (dark) day the greek glyphs just don’t appear. The english appear very well but the greek don’t whatever I do.
Any ideas?

So I start to search for it. Then I embedded the wholo font in the library. For the greek to show I had to put the “don’t embed” in the embed property. Though the greek did appear, they look ugly, like they don’t have anti-aliasing. So do the english, they look ugly too.
Any more ideas?