Font embedding problem

Hi All,

I have a site that has a Flash interactive video tour and is translated into different languages. The content is loaded from an xml file and the font (Arial) is embedded. All languages work fine except Japanese! I have opted to embed all Japanese glyphs but just get square boxes appear. If I choose not to embed I get nothing so something is wrong with font mappings?? The XML is UTF-8 and is working with cyrilic charsets for Russian. I also have the Japanese language pack on Windows XP3 and can see the text in Notepad and both IE and Firefox, just Flash that is not rendering the text correctly.

Can anyone help?

TIA Phil.

Sounds as if Flash isn’t able to use the font outlines supplied in your Japanese font. One thing you can try is to create a separate textfield and enter all of the characters you intend using. Then apply font embedding to that textfield using the option in the Text Properties window. Place that textfield somwhere off your stage and test your movie to see if the font characters are now displayed normally in your other textfields.

Thanks for your reply.

It is now happening with complex Polish characters too. Something definately wrong with Flash’s ability to embed the font correctly.

I see your idea about inserting all characters I am going to use, problem is there is loads of them and as I do not understand Japanese or Polish I have no idea what to use.

Very annoying. Tell the client it is possible then find out it doesn’t work!!!

  • Phil.