Embedding Flash

Everytime I embed my flash movies, the background extends around the movie, covering the background of the page, and making the entire thing look pasted and tacky. Any advice?

Do you mean everytime you embed your movie the background color of your movie is different then the HTML page you are on?

If so you can change this 2 ways, edit your HTML page to match your movie or edit the background color of your movie by going to Modify/Document.

I’m using a background image though.

If your flash movie in a fixed position on your page you can use the same image in the background of your movie (aligned to the right spot) so they will line up flawlessly (yeah, that could take a while to get right). Or you can follow this tutorial…


This will make the background of your movie transparent so you can see the background of your HTML page. The only flaw with this method is crappy Netscape (yes I do hate Netscape, can you tell). Netscape does not support transparent Flash and therefore create a white background instead of a transparent one.

Thank you. I’ve got my flash movies set at 100% width and height, but they don’t seem to take up 100% of the frame they’re on…

That has to do with the HTML page. Here make your HTML pages [BODY] (replace [] with <>) tag with this…

<body leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" bottommargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

There, although I stretched the post out…hehe. This should get rid of the margin in your HTML page so your flash movie fills up the whole thing.

NOTE: Stretching your movie 100% by 100% may cause lagging in your movie.

Alright one more question. Well two, until I can think of more. :slight_smile: But anyways, when I try to set two buttons on there, I try to fade them in, and it only fades one button in and pops the other in. Why’s that? And when I tested the movie, the buttons came in, then the movie started all over, making one fade in and out, and the other pop in and out. How do I stop the movie once I got it to a certain point? Or stop certain parts of the movie…

To stop a movie at any certain point right click on the frame you want it to stop at and choose “Actions” to open up the “Actions” window. Then in there use a stop(); action.

As for the fade out, you probably messed up on the tween to fade it in. Double check your code and make sure all frames in your tween are purple (including the last) and that your first keyframe is at alpha=0 and the last one is at alpha=100.

Thaaaank you! :slight_smile: By the way, what’s your user title mean? I don’t know that much German, but I’m learning. Just curious, if I’m being nosy tell me to shut up :wink: Anywayz, I’ve reached another problem. You see, I’m good with HTML Tables, and I almost always use them, so I was thinking, I could set the movie in a table, set the bg to the movie bg, and it’d look great. Except that the movie won’t load in the table… now, on one website, the navigation bar is in flash (old website) and its tabled, and it looks perfect! so why can’t i embed this flash movie in a table?

Hey no problem. My title means “Flasher for life”.

You can set your SWF into a table. Just publish your movie, open up the html file and copy from [OBJECT] tag to [/OBJECT] tag then paste it in between your [TD] and [/TD] tags in your table. It works like a charm, I have done it (just make sure your .html file is in the same folder as your .swf file, or that you linked them correctly).

Please excuse the [] instead of <>, but board converts HTML.

Much obliged. I don’t think this has to do with flash five, but I know alot about computers, how they work, how to maintain them, how to repair them, and everything else, and I’m skilled at programming. The one thing I’m not the least bit skilled at in computers so far is graphics design… I need a symbol designed, I can describe it, I can’t do it myself. You wouldn’t have any suggestions, would you? Maybe I’m just not using any of the right tools…

Well it is for MX, but the tools work the same.


There is a tutorial for line art in Flash. Maybe you can adjust it to fit your needs.

May I ask what you need done?

Doh, I should’ve posted that in the first place. I’m trying to create a symbol, combing the zodiac symbol of the Taurus, and the zodiac symbol of the Cancer. The Taurus is near that of a figure 8, so I want to take the Cancer symbol (like a sideways 69), and loop, let’s say for example, the 6 through the top hole of the 8, but make it overlap one side and go under the other. Then do the same for the bottom one. Then I want to have blue and maybe purple flames around it. I have no idea how to do this, and it is most likely way above my skill level. I don’t even know how to surround normal text with flames, much less animated flames, which would be a bonus.

If you want this done in Flash, I definitely can’t help you there. I am dumb as bricks when it comes to drawing in Flash.

As for flame animation, if you want that actionscript, pff good luck. But if you want it tween animated that shouldn’t be TOO TOO difficult, but it will pose a challenge.

Well, it wouldn’t really matter to me if it was done in flash or not. I just wish I knew how to get it done, or who else could do it. I’d love to learn how, but if it’s time consuming that is something I no longer currently have. I have enough trouble balancing web design in my schedule. I think I should leave that issue alone and worry about it later then… I’d better get done what I can in flash tonight so I can see if I need any more help… So far so good…

Well I Wish you good luck in your journey. I recommend using Photoshop, but if you don’t have it, then stick with Flash (unless you have another art program).

Thank you. And thank you very much for your help. Of course I’ll be back if I need anymore :wink: Oh, one other question, there any way to make a flash dynamic mp3 player?

A dynamic MP3 player is possible in MX, I don’t know about 5. I don’t use 5.

Alright… I’ll have to try then… If not I’ll see if DHTML or something else will work. I know there’s a midi player in DHTML… But anyways. One more thing I was thinking of… Would you know how to post a users system stats? i.e., accurate Operating System, Browser, Connection Speed(if thatspossible), IP, etc.

If Flash or Javascript?

Also, what will this be used for?