Empty Forum

Why has the forum been so dead lately?

There is a problem with a router somewhere fester - a lot of people have IM’ed me saying they can’t access the forums or the site. Yet, you and I have no problems :wink:

Kirupa :ub:

Thats because you and I are better than everybody else!



Well, at least the connections from Mediatemple to our homes is better…obviously :slight_smile:

woohoo, its working for me now.

i came here earlyer and my teacher caught me. she was on Net OP, and she said that i cant have any contact with the out side world. other then email.


I wish I was home. I am still at work.

It went down for me for a while, but I am back! :evil:

I am poor and I can access it…wait no I’m rich yes, I’m one of you…just like you…bling bling

Well you’re not one of me, I am poor :stuck_out_tongue:

*Originally posted by Alex *
**woohoo, its working for me now.

…she was on Net OP…

:slight_smile: **

The worst program for students and the most awesome program for teachers who want to ensure the students are paying attention :slight_smile:

Dang router problems… So pesky sometimes. =0)


*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *

prstudio obviously must be a phavorite of Kirupa. You know how the rich like to hang together…

But, who seeks us out Lost? who even knows, or seeks out the poorer quarters where the ragged people go.

li li, li…li, li li la la la, li, li, li, hmmmmmm.

pj :wink: **

No one ever seeks out the poorer quarters, but sometimes that isn’t a bad thing :evil:

[size=1]::lost slinks into shadows waiting for perfect time to strike::[/size]

Hey now phil, don’t be making fun of people from the south.

i couldn’t access the forums earlier.

Phil… your post is dripping with sarcasm…lol.

Alright, i’m off to go wrassle me some of them there alleygators