Emulate Boeing.com

Can someone please tell me how to create an swf like www.boeing.com as it contains 2 swfs on top of one swf and it looks fine. Help!:*(

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I just quickly looked through the site, and I think all they did was make a layer visible and invisible when you click on the buttons. If this is what you’re talking about, I’m pretty sure that’s how it was done. I guess you could always import an .swf into another one and set it’s _alpha to 80% or something like that, but it’s more effort that you probably don’t need to put into it.

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if you want to do this the most simple way possible with almost no scripting (any real tough that is)… just make MCs for each one of the sections. First frame being blank and called “off” that way even though they are on stage you want see them and when you click on the corrisponding section they will be turned on by jumping to the propper section.

Anyway, in each MC make a frame where every subsection is opened up showing its sub-sub-sections… so in the end you have frame one: blank - frame two: all options closed then all the other frams with one of each option open. Then you just use a target action to have your buttons jump to all the right sections.

This is not the most visually plaeasing way to do it as it has no transitions - but you wanted to emulate boeing and this is what they did (dunno if it is exactly how - but you never know).

This sounds complicated, but it really isnt - I just suck at explaining things in a simple manner - just post if you have trouble.


Well if you see both the source and the number of files in the site I think that there are 3 swf files and it is indeed 2 files on top of one. Please help


Ok I went through all the lines of code. Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, it’s http://www.boeing.com/flash.html that you want to know about right, and not one of the secondary pages?

If that’s the case, the code they have there doesn’t show that they’re using 2 swfs ontop of each other. Here’s what I saw from their site:

homepg_main.swf and


If you go to www.boeing.com/homepg_main.swf you’ll see that’s the main flash file they used for their interface. If you just got to that address, it’s not the .html so it couldn’t possibly be two files ontop of each other (until they’re loaded via actionscript like I mentioned above). You still see that they still get that menu effect (if that’s what you wanted in the first place… you still haven’t answered that question yet).

if you go to www.boeing.com/stock1.swf that’s just the small flash part at the bottom. So one might be above the other one, but they’re not ontop of each other.

I hope that helps, lata.

Uth :nerd:

Iam sending a zip file with 2 swfs see them if you place both in a single directory or if they are separated. one swf loads on top of other. help!


thanks for posting the zip, so I kinda know what you’re after now (I hope). Unfortunately you didn’t post the exact source that was on the page you got it from . on the very first page (flash.html) I didn’t see the .swfs you put in your zip, but regardless here’s two ways of doing it.

< param NAME=“wmode” Value=“Transparent” >

This sets the background of your movie to transparent. It only works in IE as far as I know. But that way you can just dump one ontop of the other using layers without seeing the background.

The other way which I still think is the way they did it, was just using:

loadMovieNum (“”, 0);

In between the quotes you put the name of your .swf, and the 0 is the level you want to put the movie on. After that you can change some alpha settings to give it the right feel you’re looking for.

We’ll see how that goes,

Uth :nerd: