Need a good tutorial on

this link ( is the kirupa site of the week. if youll go there, youll see that its one big flash animation, but is divided into three sections. the bottom left section controls the menu. when you click on a link, the right section shows that content.
how do you do that???
are there any tutorilas that will show you how?

Flash MX Help section anyone? :slight_smile:

A mod ought to move this…

Say no more. :slight_smile:

‘no more.’ - what do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

An intranet project. :wink:

OK, moved. :slight_smile:

Ill do a tutorial right here:

  • draw three boxes
  • publish

the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Gosh, you really have a gift for tutes, Sen :stuck_out_tongue:

sarcasticum…thanks for all the help guys

No but seriously, what exactly do you want to know?

yeah I mean there isnt anything special about that site in terms of layout. You have one big swf divided into three sections simply through a matter of “drawn boxes”. The operation is just basic Flash. It could be done using goto and play or loading in external swfs which that site is apparently doing since each sections needs to load on its own.

i think he wants to open an external swf file at some perticular position, a small swf file on a big base swf file.He wants controls to be on main swf and control the external swf, close seattlejaguar ??