Escape Characters

Does anyone have a list of know of one for some of the escape characters used for & and + and others so that the text fields recognize them when loading them from .txt files?

If you’re referring to URL encoding character in external text files, try this utility:

You can type your text and any characters such as & and % will be encoded.

It’s extremely useful.

hmm … i tested out that software but couldn’t get the results i wanted. is there something i must do with the .txt file?

i’m actually only looking for the escape characters for the & and the + sign … so if anyone knows what they are, that would be quick help. a list of other characters would be helpful in the future too.


Sorry Flex for being a nuisance, but i’ve tried those escape characters and they don’t work. i think it’s because they start off with an ‘&’ … and Flash thinks the & is the beginning of a new variable name that holds values.

what happens is that wherever i put in the escape character, nothing after it will load into the text boxes.