Even my host can't help me (uploading .swf)

I am still having trouble uploading some of my .swf files to my host server. Some show up, some don’t. It is essential I solve this, because one of those .swfs is a navigation bar to my site. however if I upload the same files to my free angelfire account they work fine. here is what tech support told me:

.sfw files are set correctly to run on the server and on your site. You will have to check the way you are uploading the .swf file to our servers. I have checked 5 sites on the same server running .swf files and I can view them by linking to the .swf file. I can not view your .swf file by linking to the file. Here is a example site http://b2bsolution.us/intro.swf you will have to check the settings with http://www.afro-ninja.com/Page_Home/afromenu.swf Thank you

Check what settings? Is there a setting in the flash publish menu that says “publish correctly for readyhosting.com?”


help appreciated :frowning:

I’m going to cry

ok, new “breakthrough”

the menu is composed of graphics, buttons, and a dynamic text box. The dynamic text box displays a name depending on what button you rollover

If I make the same menu but leave the buttons out, it works fine. If I make the same menu, but leave the dynamic text box out (with buttons still in) it works fine.

It makes no sense that my dynamic text box and buttons will not work together!

truly weird … why don’t you zip up and attatch the fla, swf and html here and maybe some little quirk’ll be spotted by someone …

ummm i dont see anything for either of those…

ya if u send me the file i can try uploading it

I’ll do that tomorrow, I gotta get to bed here soon. But still I don’t think it will help… I can upload the exact files the same way to my angelfire server and they show fine.