Everyone! over here

i am new with actionscript.\rsomeone could explain it to me pleeeaaaase?\romer!\r=)

Explain Actionscript !! You know what ? I think you’d better try and make a bunch of tutorials here, and post in case you have a problem. those tutorial deal with the basics of actionscript, so we’ll be able to explain it when the problems arise… :smiley: \r\rpom 0]

I mean, we’re not in the Matrix, you’re not Trinity and you can’t learn actionscript just like she learns Kung fu. Quite a long process here. Painful too may I add.\rpom 0]

get flash. do stuff.\r:) \rjeremy

uhmmm…yeah! what they said.

If your question is “What is Actionscript?” - Actionscript is a coding language used to program Flash. It’s how dynamic elements are added to your Flash movie\r\rIf your question is “How do you do Flash?” - there’s a bunch of tutorials on the web for that. You can begin by entering “flash actionscript tutorials” on Google and doing a search. You can also begin with the Basic tutorials on this site.

:lol: … sorry man, but you deserved that. Take the advice though… check out various posts in here, ask questions about specific aspects of Action script and we’ll answer them as well as we can.