Exe PC/MAC to Cd-rom

Hi, I want to burn my flash game on a cd-rom and as well have an auto launch for both pc and mac…

I exported my flash in an exe format and a hqx file for mac and burned it on my pc.
The thing is that when I insert the cd in my mac nothing happens…and the file seems to be unreadable by the mac.

Can someone explain me how to do it?

Many thanks !


its a little more complicated than that on what platform are you burning the cd?? MAC or PC?? and the hqx doesnt run on the mac because its a like a zip file you have to open teh zip file and run it in order to view it on the mac, and OSX doesnt support autorun anymore since it was a method of getting macs infected with viri.

i really need to know on what platform you are burning the cd on so i can help you further you need to make a hybrid cd so mac files are viewable on macs and pc files are viewable on pcs only if your burining it on a mac then this link will help you if your burining it on a pc then its a quite harder task but not impossible and you do need some extra software


heres another link if using a pc

if ya need more help feel free to post good luck :thumb:

Hi ,

i am burning the cd on a pc, windows xp


well your going to need macimage and maybe macdisk try doing a search and hope your file isnt too big otherwise you will have to purchase the software, its quite a task but like i said not imposibble good luck :-\