Export photoshop to flash

What is the best program to work with flash. I tried to follow the tutorial on motion blur using photoshop 6 and exporting it to flash 5. I´m not sure which should I select for the export type. I was hoping I can export it in a vectorial type. If not which progrma should I use so Flash can recognize it as vectorial type. I know I can do it using poser but I can´t do it yet using photoshop. Which is the best program I need for doint this.

Thank in advance for anyone who answers.

Sadly fantastic as Photoshop is it’s not vector based, so anything you export to Flash can end up looking weird and stretched.

Have you tried using Illustrator? It’s very similar to Photoshop in the effects and tools that you have available, with the added advantage that is is vector based. So you can draw in Illustrator and then export it into a Flash movie.

The only thing I’d add to this is that sometimes it will throw up errors about .eps files (no idea why) and you have to export it as a .swf and import that into Flash. Either way though, this should solve the problem.


I wouldn’t export it from photoshop at all.
Are you sure the tutorial called for you to export from photoshop? Can you provide a link to the tut?

I would:
Save for web as a png or a jpg, depending upon which looks better. Then choose “import” in Flash to import the object. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that you can directly import photoshop files into Flash as well. This could be useful if you have a many layered photoshop file which contains things like imported illustrator elements and such. I believe that the import keeps all the layers in place, as grouped object.

oh… it’s probebly the tutorial on Kirupa.com… duh… (guess I haven’t woken up yet either.)

hello :smiley:

the best way to handle archives done in photoshop is PNG, in the window of your library you can modify the file as you like

for vectors use illustrator, in flash you can open the archives directly (importing like .ai or .eps)… if you use corel draw, exists and exporter to SWF you can find it in the site of corel

wouldn’t importing a png into flash throw the file size way up there?

My Flash Footer uses PNG images made in Photoshop. I don’t see any distortion or stretching and it didn’t boost my file size up too much.

Illustrator is good, I haven’t had much chance to work with that though. Maybe I will get that sooner or later.

Flash has it’s own compression which it applies to any raster based graphics which are imported into it… so, if you bring in a jpg or a png, or a ps doc, it will not add that much to the file. However png’s and ps’s will use up more processor power than the jpg’s if they contain transparency and are located above another object, or are forced to move through tweening or a/s.

At least that seems to be the concensus from my books.

Hmm, odd, I don’t think my footer uses up too much processor power and it uses everything you said not to use. Haha, oh well, I am not complaining.

I still need to get my hands on a copy of Illustrator. I have used it before and it is great! Just gotta save up…

I don’t think that your footer uses up a lot either. It doesn’t bog down my system nearly as much as some of the multiple movie clip effects that some use. I think that’s because a) it’s not very big. B) it’s only one transparency which is actuall on top of another image (the one on the bottem of the layer stack is not moving over another image), and C) The top one is fogged… (which may or may not actually make a difference. )

either way… I don’t find your footer to be a problem. Processors can handle a lot. When I say that it bogs down the processor more than another thing, it just means that it does that… not necessarily that it bogs it down to the point where you can actually see it.

Actually it is 3 seperate images all of which are .png images with transparency, all which use A/S. You are right though, they are small images and it is a small flash movie. I guess with something bigger it wouldn’t be a good idea.

Thanks for the info david. Much appreciated:)

you know… I meant to do this a while ago, but lost track of the thought. I have a write up in one of my books, done by Colin Moock, in which he takes his frame rate tester and tests a variety of things to see which effect frame rate and to what degree. I really do think it’s worth posting. I’ll try to do a small write up on the subject soon.

Sounds pretty “nifty”:nerd: