Export PS to Flash

I have a logo that i need put in flash in vector form. now is there a way that i can do this?


is it in vector in PS?

i belive so.

I thought PS does not do vector, thats what Adobe Illustrator is for. You can save it as a jpg and use Flash’s “trace bitmap” option, this may take some playing around woth the settings but you can get decent results as long as the image is pretty clean like no drop shadows or blending of colors. As a last resort, you could always just draw the logo in flash, import the image into a frame and then trace the image.

Well, it’s best to make your logo on a transparent BG in PS. If you haven’t done that, then just copy and paste ur logo onto a transparent background in PS. Then, save the file as a png file and set the settings to whatever is best for you. Then, file>import to library>select the png file of the logo and you’re done!. It’ll come out best this way.

PS does vector, just not very well. AI is better and what you should use for vector schtuff (and really is prefered for logos - case at hand being justification enough).