External swf for intro?

I’ve created a navigation in flash where all the components slide together then stop, but I was going to create an intro for the site, too. Originally separate, but then I realized that it might be a little redundant to have an animation for the navigation right after the intro, which was animated, so I figured I would just tac the intro onto the begining of the nav animation. What is the best way to go about that? One factor is size, it would probably be significantly bigger since the intro is mosly photos. The other thing is if I AM going to just add it to the animation, should I make the whole thing as a separate movie clip and fill all the other layers with empty frames, or will that not help with the size issue?
Another option I considered, but no almost nothing about, is having the intro load the navigation animation from another location once the end of the intro is reached. I have never tried this, and although I sort of understand the concept, I’m afraid to dig myself too deep.
Does anyone have any advice here? I need to have this site up in a week and this is the main thing I’m waiting on. Thank you anyone who can help me…


edit: my site is html, only these components are flash