External variables + loadmovie

hey there,\rI want to load an additional movie into a first one (using loadmovie), and this one has to use variables from an external file (like data from a mysql database or whatever)\rIf I only load the additional swf without the first one everything works fine, but if I try to play the whole thing it ist not.\rwhere is the mistake?

Sorry, I can’t answer your question but I have one for you. I’d like to send Flash data to PHP to set up a mailer. Any idea how to do that ???\r\rpom

hey,\ryes I do know how to do it, just give me your e-mail adress, and I will send you an example

Hey thanks man, you’re my god if it works.\rmy address : [email protected]\r\rpom

I’ve the same problem as you.\rDo you have any answer?\rThanks a lot.\r\rmiKL

Is your childMovie in the same folder as your parentMovie?
If not you might need to adjust the path of the PHP/ASP in the childMovie…
Remember that the path is taken from the .html containing the swf object