[F8 AS2] Filters affect rollover

hey everybody,
I’ve been working on this site and everything is going pretty good except i have an issue with the way the buttons respond to the mouse.

check the navigation here:

ok, seems to work fine right? The problem with this version is that i want the clicked button to grow and stay larger than the other buttons. And when you click another button, that button becomes large and the last clicked button gets smaller. I’ve figured out how to do that, which you will see in a moment, but that is not my problem. Now, with this version I am actually using a proximity formula for the rollovers instead of actual rollOver handlers, and the buttons seem to respond well.

Here is the modified version of the nav, using rollOver handlers and growing and shrinking the appropriate buttons:

As you can see here, this version seems to be working fine as long as you are rolling over the buttons fairly quickly. But, if you put your mouse right on the edge of the button, I think you’ll see that the button goes into some sort of pulsing action, larger and smaller. It may stop after a moment or it may not. In an effort to find the problem, i removed each property (alpha,blur,bevel, etc) one at a time and basically figured out that mainly the blur filter is causing the button to act erratically. Without the blur filter, it works just fine. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this sort of problem and if there is a solution to it (besides getting rid of the blur :sigh:).

I could go back to using proximity for the rollovers, but i had a hard time keeping the buttons enlarged when you roll away from them. That’s why i went back to using onRollOver instead.

Sorry for the long and rambling post, but sometimes it’s hard to explain certain things in just a few words…

…anybody care to take a look at this for me?

Q: are you using ‘invisible/hidden’ buttons overlaid or is all pure actionscripted?

im guessing its the latter, but if its the button method then it could be an over lap issue. if im right and its actionscripted, then you’ll have to post some code or an example .fla for someone to sift through possibly…

Hey BoozyJuice, thanks for the reply…

The navigation buttons are all movieclips, with a solid clip inside set to 0 alpha for the hitState. The proximity method calculates the distance between the mouse and the button clip and the clip reacts when the mouse is witin a specified distance.

I can’t post an fla right now, but the concept is pretty simple. OnRollOver, run a function that will simply enlarge the clip using mctween2. onRollOut, shrink it back down with mctween2.

I’m basically just looking to see if anyone else has had any similar type issues with filters on movie clip buttons.

I’m thinking the problem is coming from the blur filter. Like maybe Flash has a hard time defining the rollOver because there isn’t a solid edge when the button is blurred.