[F8 AS2] Nested Movies & tellTarget

I’ve got a file named gallery–
In this file are two movies, “display” and “nav slideshow”
“nav slideshow” consists of a scrolling toolbar that displays 6 buttons at a time. Clicking on one of these buttons is then supposed to load a frame with the appropriate content in the “display” movie.

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out the proper syntax until I came across the Kirupa tutorial on Tell Target & More Tell Target. So I finally got the buttons in “nav slideshow” to load the right content in “display”. That was all well and good, but the gallery is designed to load as an external movie into the main website. When I tried this, the code no longer worked.

The syntax for the actionscript I have now is:

on (release) {
tellTarget ("/display") {
gotoAndPlay(“a1 bubbletree”);

So now the question is, how do I format the tellTarget command so that it knows to look for “display” in the gallery file instead of the main website file?