Tell target help please

I have a button “ButtonA” that when rolled over tells “MovieA” to start. After “MovieA” has done its transition and stopped within “MovieA” I have a menu of buttons “MovieA_ButtonB” I want “MovieA_ButtonB” to tell another movie “MovieB” inside the main timeline to play. Here is what my Script syntax looks like:

on (release) {
tellTarget ("_level0/content") {
gotoAndPlay (1);

This produces no result and Im sure this is a simple fix. Thanks.

I think your targetting syntax is off a bit.

First of all, make sure that all the instances on the timeline are named. Then when you’re writing the target line, go to Normal Mode instead of Expert. Use the little target icon to open up an expandable tree of all your movie instances, then click on the one you require. The program will then sort out the syntax for you, just tell it to use dot notation.

I think Kit has it right on “target” (sorry, but I couldn’t resist the pun)…

I wanted to state… If you are just starting to learn TellTargets… Don’t…

They are depricated (trying to discontinue) since Flash 5… The only reason I still use them is because when they came out in Flash 3 they were the saviour of the Flash world, and it was all we had to work with… In other words, I know them well, but they are quirky at best…

I estimate that with the next version of Flash, TellTargets won’t even be in the list…

Just a suggestion… =)