Fades in and out animated buttons

This is called a callback function, or a dynamic event handler. There’s something about it in the AS tricks section. And to answer your question, onRollOver is the name of the function.

OK, now concerning Lost code: Are you applying this to every button? I don’t understand. And secondly, you redefine the functions on EnterFrame, and each button will redefine its own function on EnterFrame, which is not a very good idea. Or maybe I didn’t understand you code.


My code was just an example of how to use the function().

It served no purpose in the task at hand. I doubt that even works at all, I was just using it to show how a user can add a …dynamic variable(?, the word isn’t coming to mind).

:stuck_out_tongue: I was talking about the code you posted before…

pom :slight_smile:

OH, I am such a dunce.

I applied the actions to every button (which were actually movie clips). I didn’t spend much time on it, just copied and pasted what you had and changed a few things around a little. Didn’t really think to scope it out.

Just in case…

pom :slight_smile: