Macromedia buttons

Does anyone know how macromedia created those cool fade in buttons?? I know this is something I should know but I cannot get it to act right. If someone has a snippet they could post I would greatly appreciate it. I think I got it to work but I wanna achieve it with AS. Please help

Heres a small blank menu I did based on one I saw on the net. It’s very easy to do. In this example the fade occurs when you rollout, but you can change the tweening so it occurs when you roll over. There’s an MX and Flash 5 version in the zip

I appreciate it. BUt this is similar to what I came up with. In macromedias button it fades in and fades out. Also if you mouseover a buttton and mouseout before it achieves its full fade in it will actually fade back out from the point it stopped which leads me to believe that it is acionscript driven. This is the part I was unable to recreate. But your menus do work better than the one I came up with so thanks:) But if someone knows the AS behind that button I would greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

I know what you mean. You use a variable that checks to see whether the full fade has been achieved. If so then the button will fade again, otherwise it will not fade out, or in until the previous fade has been completed. Is that clear? It’s done with actionscript but is just a matter of a variables. If I have time I’ll post a fla.

In the mean time see if this helps

Are you using Flash MX, 3D? Cos if you are it’s really simple (sorry if this is redundant with Flex’s link). You could write something like this in the _root, if you have a movie clip called myButton:

function fadeIn(){
    // it can be any value
    if (this._alpha>=100) this.onEnterFrame=null;
function fadeOut(){
    if (this._alpha<0) this.onEnterFrame=null;

This is called dynamic event handlers (see in the AS tricks section), and works only with MX. With Flash 5 you can do it too but it’s painful.

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Yes I am using MX this is just what i was looking for. Dynamic Event Handling huh…DOH!!! something else I have to learn. Hey thanks guys …flex if you could post a .fla I would love it but I think you guys have given me enought to work with.

It’s very intuitive, you’ll see. And it’s explained in the AS section. [SIZE=1]I love self-promotion…[/SIZE] :slight_smile: