Fading from black to blue

can someone tell me how to do that when i mouse over a button?

i guess shape tweening in MX would be a better way to ask it

Create your button.

Add a keyframe to your Over state on the button timeline.

Turn that shape into a movie clip symbol.

Open up the movie clip and create the shape tween on that timeline.

and dont forget to put a stop(); action at the end of your tween=)

Thanks eberth :slight_smile: … I really have to stop assuming that they know that :evil:

hi beta, downer man is back poking his nose in again lol

when he makes the mc on the over frame and selects it for editing should’nt he turn it back to a graphic to tween it?

i can never tween anything unless i turn it back to a graphic first
(or is that only for motion tweening)


You never have to create a graphic for tweens.

You can have the raw drawing in Frame 1, insert a keyframe on frame 10 (or whatever) and when you create the tween between the two, the first frame will automatically convert to a symbol, you may have to click on the last frame and add insert a motion tween there so that frame is purple and everything should work perfectly. That is what I do at least.

thanks guys/gals! works great!:slight_smile:

No problem. As far as I know… everyone here is a guy (including myself) :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx beta, i got that but all my tweening is done in a movie clip (yes i am that new i have not done much yet…lol) and not the raw drawing.

but thanx anyways.


was the you being a guy comment a sarcastic one???
i always treat evry1 as male (sexist i guess, grin)

Well I had someone else on this board thing I was a girl and Kamon said guys/gals I assumed he/she may have thought I was a girl… since I have the meadows in my footer and the flower in my avatar and everything.

Well by raw drawing I mean at the part where you can select the drawing and edit it directly. Which is also where it is if you double click a movie clip (or if its a movie clip in a movie clip then you have to double click twice). ahhh… nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

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