Fading text problem


I’m totally new to Flash and have a slight problem. I’ve added a number of text boxes into a scene and used the alpha option to fade. When I play the scene by hitting “Control > Play” it works fine and it nice and smooth with all the text is shown. When I try to get it to work in Dreamweaver or preview it in browser it is totally different. The fading doesn’t work and the text just comes on and then goes. Where there are longer text boxes with more text in them only a few words are visible.

Please help!

Thank you


Usually .fla’s or more detailed explanations of what you did help. Sometimes the type of answer you are looking for can only be found through a detailed search.

Charlie_flash this is a really common problem, and every person starting out experiences it at least once, all you have to do to make your movie work in the browser is embed the font in the textfields…
Just in case… to embed font click the textfield and in the properties tab you will see a box that says advanced I think, whatever it’s called it’s in the bottom right side of the window, click it and another window will open select “embed fonts” and your problem will go away.

For future problems, especially since your new, try searching around a bit, chances are someone else has had the same problem.