Unusual text fading problem

Well, this one is a bit odd.

I have managed to get the text in place. I converted it to a graphic symbol, inserted it at one key frame with alpha at 100%, several frames later in the same layer I inserted a new key frame, changing alpha to 0%, then created a motion tween between the two. When I move the frame indicator back and forth within the Flash MX editor I see the text fade out like it is supposed to, but when I export the movie to .swf format and play it in Flash player 6 there is NO fading. The text appears when it is supposed to, but never fades out.

I first thought there was a problem with my flash player, but I’ve viewed the .swf file on other computers and have the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

plesae post your fla. Im sure one of us can find it.

It is at


There is only one layer with text… that’s the one that is supposed to be fading.

3 Megs for a fading text ? Are you kidding ?

Anyway, there’s a tute on this site http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/fadingtext.asp

And I think the problem is you didn’t turn your text in a clip correctly.

pom :asian:

Well it took me a few hours to figure out but here is the problem. When you typed the word “BOOM” (before converting to a symbol) the “Character Options” were not set to “embed font outlines for all characters” (Maybe someone can explain why this needs to be set this way)

Here is the fix-
1 Retype “BOOM”
2 Chose the “Character” box (located under the “Format” box) in text properties.
3 Chose “All Characters”

Now you can proceed as normal-
4 Convert to Symbol (Graphic)
5 Go to your time line and replace your original "BOOM symbol with the new one. Make sure to replace this symbol in both places on the time line.
6 Change the alpha on the frame that you would like to fade.

That should fix your problem. Keep us updated.


That worked Craig! Thanks so much.

I just found the technical answer to my post above-
By not chosing to “embed font outlines” you were using “device fonts”.

"Device fonts cannot be alpha tweened. A device font used in a symbol can be motion tweened, but any alpha changes applied to the symbol will not display for the device font’s text block. "