Fall of Lucifer

Hey everyone, with the new movie “Exorcist the Beginning” Coming out, (Talks about the Fall of Satan), I was wondering who has read the book by John Milton, called [color=black]Paradise Lost[/color][color=black] ?

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I read what was supposed to be the interesting part of “Paradise Lost” a few years ago in school. I never read the entire book, and since I found the portion of the book I read to be too boring, I don’t have any regrets about not reading the rest of the book!

Btw, do you have a broader discussion you want to start about the content of the book? If not, I’ll move this to Random in a few hours :book:

Kirupa :crazy:

Read Paradise Lost in a class called “Concepts Of Humanism” at Oxford. Actaully Paradise Lost is more about the Free will of man vs. predestination than it is about “satan”

Classic Calvinism vs. Armenism. Weird crap. How do you know you aren’t just living a life that has already happened? If you had an extradimensional perception of the universe, with a full dimension of time (we exist in a 1/2 dimension of time) there is no beginning and end (alpha and omega?), and time doesn’t exist. It is percieved the same as the X, Y and Z axis.

</pointless philosophy thought>

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