Fantastic Movie

Just wanted to let everyone know theres a nother movie that you must see thats not LOTR3 jsut watched it and i must say i think it deserves an oscar for a great movie and performance of the actors the movie is The Last Samurai whatever you do watch it its quite long but its a very good movie i loved it and tis getting very good reviews go watch it youll thank me later :wink:

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** I am experimenting with different layouts and cooling techniques. **

Well if you need any thermal management materials (Heat spreaders, grease, phase change, gap-fillers) let me know. I work at for a company called Chomerics. We have a huge product line of thermal crap. I could hook it up for you.

PM me if anything catches your eye

pretty dam cool fester =)

That goes for the rest of you guys too.

The sample room is right across the street chock full of all kinds of goodies.

If your into overclocking then your in luck