Fast food




ah, another one i forgot. :frowning:


Beef and chedder…mmmmmmmm


Tuknuk go get food:



But arbys is sooooo much faster! :wink:

oh yah - fast eddies, another great place… hahahah!


Alex, you can edit it and put more options on :beam:

  • Soul :s:


Big Mac’s for the win!


My Favorite fast food is Masala Puri. I like the food very much.


Wow. This thread is ancient :european_castle:


subway is the best choice


Do you have a guys have A&W in the States?


Yeah. Most I’ve seen are A&W + KFC combos.


I miss the old A&W where you drove up, ordered through your own speaker, and the food tray arrived and hung off your window. Anyone else remember that?


I’ve never heard of A&W before! There aren’t too many near where I live either, so the chances of me seeing their logo are pretty small as well. Time to update my bucket list! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah you’d better get there. Get a teen burger and poutine.


You might have to go north of the border for that. Chains will serve poutine in Canada but not the US… or at least I haven’t seen it in the US (maybe close to the border?).


Oh you guy’s are really missing out.


Seattle is in that gray area that isn’t quite the US and not quite Canada, so we may have poutine! I’ll have to check it out in a little bit :slight_smile:


It’s worth a trip up if they don’t. In fact, I’m going to go get some right now!


It can be different depending on where you go too. I visited Vancouver not too long ago. Having asked a friend who used to live there what I should see/do, he mentioned I needed to try some poutine. I hit up a couple places (bar, chain restaurant, diner, …maybe more?) and they were all a little different, but all good… if you like that kind of stuff (:sen: does!)