Fast food


Fries. Gravy. Cheese. What’s not to like?

This has reminded me of a Wendy’s I “dined” at in the airport at San Pedro Sula, Honduras. All of their meals were composed of some variation of beans, tortillas and fried plantains. Not bad, though obviously not as good as that from the locals. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, I can’t find that menu anywhere in Canada.


I enjoy going to one of the local places here in San Antonio known as Mama Margie’s. Delicious tacos and chips and queso! I love Mexican food, but living in Texas it’s hard to find something that isn’t TexMex, which is different than traditional Mexican dishes.


Chik-Fil-A! Does ice cream count as fast food? If so, there is a local chain here called Molly Moon’s. There is another one called Full Tilt Ice Cream. They have a flavor called Corn Flakes Milk. It is the best flavor I have ever had.